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Choosing the perfect blind

When it comes to choosing the perfect window blind most people would be forgiven for assuming that it is a simple and straightforward affair, after all, How hard could it be? It’s only a blind or so you would think!

The perfect window blind is usually found after researching various sites, understanding their uses, functionality and liaising directly with an experienced company / fitter. Liaising directly with a fitter / company is useful when deciding upon materials and colours.

The points will help you chose the right blind and ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.

Why do you need the blind?

Blinds are incredibly versatile when required to be and are not just there to look good! Many will be designed for a set purpose, a few of which are mentioned below;

  • Privacy – Is your window situated in a position that allows people to see the entire room from the outside? There are many blinds that will let natural light in but also offer enough privacy from the outside world without darkening the room.
  • UV protection – UV rays can be particularly detrimental to furniture, furnishings and other household additions. Materials can be left warped and mis-coloured which in time can result in a costly restoration. There are a number of blinds that will combat this problem.
  • Bespoke setting – There are some windows that may have a larger / smaller size and / or a unique shape which requires a tailor made window blind or curtain. This is typically more expensive when it comes to curtains and will often take longer to create. Blinds can be engineered to fit any window within minutes resulting in a much more efficient outcome!


There are a huge range of blinds available that can cause a customer to become overwhelmed. The examples that we have listed below are some of our more popular examples and should help you make a final decision.

    • Roller Blinds
      roller blindRoller blinds have proven to be an incredibly popular choice this year. The functionality is simple and the materials are available in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns!
      The blinds come with safety precautions which is particularly useful when small children are on the move. We can also offer moisture resistant blinds, UV blinds with sunscreen fabrics which filter out the suns rays and only allows a certain volume of light in the room and complete blackout fabrics which ensure complete darkness!


    • Venetian BlindsVenetian blindVenetian blinds are a timeless classic, providing many homes throughout the greater Manchester area with deceptively bigger rooms.
      The blinds are available in wood, aluminium and PVC and also come in a huge range of colours, fabrics, textures and functionalities.
      The venetian blind can be used in any room but we have found that the most popular setting is split between the office / commercial, kitchen and bathroom.


  • Vertical Blindsv7.jpgVertical blinds are great for commercial as well as domestic properties. As with any blind within our portfolio the vertical blinds are available in a huge range of colours, fabrics, materials and can be engineered to fit any window.The functionality allows the full window and view to be exposed, partial visibility for those who enjoy reduced light and full shut out from the world outside. The fabrics come in washing machine friendly, total black out, UV filtering and flame retardant meaning that this type of blind can fit in any office or home.

Value for money

The best features about window blinds is that they truly are value for money. The blinds will outlive any curtain, offer more functionality, look great by adding to the decor and will save you money over the years to come!

The product range within www.blindsinoldham.co.uk are extremely competitive and will always leave a customer with a smile on their face especially with how efficient the team are. For all enquiries please call 01706 842 909 or fill out the enquiry box to have your dream blind fitted today.

3 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

As the night’s grow lighter and the gloomy weather starts to disappear, we are all too happy to say hello to crisp sunny mornings and flowers coming into bloom. With spring thankfully just a moment away this year; it’s now the perfect time to freshen up your home with an injection of bright colours to compliment that spring clean. The catwalks for this new season are abundant in pastel colours, bold prints and contrasting textures and it seems that style is seeping into interior design for the new season. Floral designs are always a classic choice for the home at this time of year but if you fancy something a little different then we’ll show you various ways to reinvent your home this spring.

Spring colours


Introducing pastel shades is the perfect way to add colour to your home without overpowering the space. Mixing pastels with whites or creams and harmonising different shades will create an understated and modern look which still has heaps of personality. Choosing a vertical blind in a perfect pastel hue will be just the trick to update any room in your house for spring. More sugary shades have that lovely retro appeal if that’s your style. Take your pick from Parma violets, lemon yellows and mint greens which will not only soften up your room but also keep it bang on trend.

Spring patterns


If pastels are that little bit too subtle for you then a roller blind with a bold pattern could be more suited to you. With paisley patterns and eastern European designs proving popular in 2014 (the perfect escape from the grey and gloomy skies of the north)  the roller blind would be a fun and unapologetic way to transform the whole room and update it for the new season.  Use the pattern as a central theme and add matching cushions and accessories for a cheap and fuss free way re-style any room in your home.

Spring fabrics and materials


Colours and patterns are great ways to add a little extra something to your home but don’t forget to overlook different textures you could use as well. Mixing and matching fabrics and materials can add another dimension to the room whilst still sticking with a central colour. Why not try using different types of wood in your living room?  The addition of wooden Venetian blinds would be a fantastic way to add a new lease of life to your wooden floors keeping it classic yet modern and bringing a taste of the outside in.