Stark White Venetian Blind

The Stark White Venetian Blind is quite frankly, stunning! The blind can have tape added to fite in with the colour scheme of your current setting.

The White slats with black tape is an extremely popular addition as this gives the blind an edgy persona. The ability to have other colours and tapes allow you to mix and match until your heart is content!


The manufacturer has the following notes available for this particular blind range;

‘Timeless glamour and the heritage of the Timberlux brand are still championed with the stained wood palette, the untainted Purist collection of whites added to the well-loved valance and bottom bar profiles. Injecting a new air of modernism is the vibrant Mode collection boasting a 100% gloss finish; the delectable detail of wood grain is exemplified with the Zebrano and Origin Collections, echoing the truly beautiful elements of natural wood grain. Whilst the sense of touch is aroused with the Deep Grain Collection, the contemporary array of muted tones enhances the beautiful textured wood slat.


Staying true to modern elegance, the opulence of a contoured 65mm slat emulates the luxuriousness of an interior shutter. The 65mm Collection oozes substance and poise.

Imitating the soft additions of contemporary style, lines have been streamlined and angles pronounced with the creation of a new minimal tassel, valance and bottom bar. These soft angles compliment the posed horizontal slats effortlessly offering a subtle but elegant finish.

Renowned with the Timberlux brand is the delicate attention to detail, a beautiful range of tapes has been created with a unique style weave. These custom dyed yarns enable an exceptionally elegant finish to each handcrafted blind.


Bespoke finishes enable the classic and loved Timberlux brand to come the haute couture of window dressings. Merging Fusion Aluminium slat with basswood or becoming playful with bold injections of colour, choosing from an exuberant selection of mixed wood finishes offering a unique tailored finish’.