Chenille Barley Panacea Champagne

The Chenille Barley and Panacea Champagne design is a more subtle version of the Shot Silk Duckegg & Panacea Champagne combination. The below design caters for those that require a less vibrant environment in which to spend their time without losing the ‘Wow factor’.

This particular set tends to be more popular with the older generation as opposed to the Shot Silk set which seems to be a favourite with new home owners and first time buyers.


Like its counterpart, the Chenille Barley and Panacea Champagne blind / soft furnishing sets are available as;

  • window blinds
  • curtain fabric
  • lampshades
  • cushions
  • table runners
  • bed runners

Please call today for information on combination blind and furnishing sets on 01706 842 909 or 07858 230 1716.